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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weight Gain during Pregnancy

After giving birth, the most common complaint from women is on how much weight they've gained. Some women even go through depression, thinking that they'll never get their old figure back.

Pregnant women will notice an increase in appetite; this is a sign that the body needs more calories to support the baby. This will in turn cause a weight gain in the body, while some calories are being used by the baby. Other excess calories become body fat and added breast tissue.

However, increase in appetite should not be used as an excuse to eat too much. Pregnant women are only required to eat additional 100 to 300 calories in their diet. Some women use the "eating for two" excuse to get away in consuming 500 and more calories per day. Consuming more calories than required will be turned into body fat.

Another thing that women will notice after pregnancy is the sagging of the breasts. This happens when you gain a lot of weight and lose it after pregnancy. Most women are conscious in this area of the body.

There are some women who eat healthy but eat more than desired, and then this will still make them gain more weight. Whether healthy food or not, excess food still causes more body fat.

When a pregnant woman consumes food excessively, weight gain starts to show in different areas of the body. Not just in the "pregnancy hot spots".

To avoid unwanted body weight gain, the most important thing is to ensure a proper diet. There are some nutrients that the mother should consume during pregnancy; there are also some foods that a mother should be avoiding to keep the baby healthy and safe.

Once weight gain has been noticed, try to take control of the situation and balance your diet right away.

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